Our first squares!!

Our first squares!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hope everyone is doing well on the square for this month. Haven't heard from very many so that is a good sign. Our next square will be Ann Strong square. Use the size needle it tells you to (or your adjusted gauge size) and have your 3 ridge rows done before class so we jump right into the patterns. You will need lots of stitch markers and the patterns will repeat several times so we will discuss how you can keep track or where you are. There are a couple new stitches but they aren't hard. Looking forward to seeing you in a week, May 25. Happy knitting.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Second class just over and I am SO impressed with everyone! Almost all of our first squares are done and everyone is well on their way into the second square. Such pretty colors, too. Good job, ladies!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have had questions on the needle size for the next square. For your gauge, it called for size 7 needles. If your gauge was the right size with that needle, then you should use a size 7 for the Ginette Belanger square (one size up from what it calls for). If your gauge was too small and you had to go up a needle size to get the right gauge, then you will need a size 8 for that square. If your gauge was too big and you had to go down a needle size to get the right gauge, then you will need a size 6 for the Ginette Belanger square. Hope this helps. See you Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We just got back from New York City for the wedding shower for our son and his fiance. I gave them the afghan and they were very excited. I miss it here at our house but know I am making another one.

How is everyone coming? I've heard from a couple of you lately and it sounds like progress is being made. Just wanted to remind you all of class next Tuesday evening at 6:00. We will be working on the Ginette Belanger square. It is really a fun square to do. Please bring your book or enlarged copies of the pattern, stitch markers, and one needle size up from what the book says (or your determined gauge). Comment here if you have any questions. I hope we can all actually work on the square to start with and get past row 4 or 5 of Chart B. That part is the most confusing so we will work through it together. See you next Tuesday!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How is everyone doing? Does anyone have their square done yet? I know this first square will just take awhile since it is all new to most of you. It will take some ripping out and redoing things until you become more comfortable with the stitches and pattern but just hang in there. Send me a picture on my e-mail when you get it done.
We are leaving next week for New York City and I will take my afghan and give it to my son and his fiance. Can't wait - but will also hate to give it up. It's kind of like my baby now. I'll post pictures. Looking forward to seeing all of you and your squares in a couple weeks.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just wanted to clearify the pattern. When you get to the end of both chart A and chart B the first time, you will notice that chart A has 30 rows and chart B only has 28 rows. After 28 rows of chart B, start over with row 1, complete 30 rows in chart A then go to row 1 for that chart. From this point on, your row numbers will be different for the 2 charts. Just keep really close track or where you are on both charts and you should be fine. Hope you are all doing well. I have talked to or helped several of you and you all will be just fine. The rest of you, please remember that if you need help, please let me know.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just a reminder about your gauge. Even if you think you have the right size needles from your original gauge swatch, make sure you double check your size of the square after you have knitted a few rows. You want to make sure you have about 12" across. If you are way off, you may need to start over with a different size of needle. It will curl up a little as you are knitting and it will block to 12" even if you are at 11" as you are knitting. If it is bigger than 12 1/2"-13", you need a smaller needle. If you have any questions, please ask.